THE ALBERT WILSON FOUNDATION Changing the Destiny of Foster Children.

The Albert Wilson Foundation

 Albert Wilson, wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins is a native of Fort Pierce, Florida. His passion and motivation to give back to youth in foster care stems from his personal experiences in the foster care system growing up. Albert spent majority of his childhood years in and out of group homes and foster homes before finally finding stability in the 10th grade. Prior to his sophomore year of high school, he spent time at the Hibiscus Center in Vero Beach, Florida and a Boys Town in Oviedo, Florida. After spending time at these locations Albert found a home with Brian and Rose Bailey in Port St. Lucie, Florida before moving in with family members in the same district so he could continue attending Port St. Lucie High School.

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I'm a Foster Kid IN THE NFL

“While growing up, I spent significant time in the Florida Foster Care system. I was blessed to continue my education due to my athletic abilities, but witnessing my younger sisters and others I knew age out of the system motivated me to get involved and be a voice for children in foster care.”

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